Return Policy Geevers Auto Parts

Return period
Parts in their original condition can be returned in their original, undamaged, and unwritten packaging, with approval from the Aftersales Department, within 14 days of delivery.


  • All parts can only be requested via the or via the Partsplan portal. The request must be done within 14 days of delivery.
  • Stockholding parts with a net value of > € 10,- can be returned free of charge within 3 working days after delivery if the return percentage of all your return requests remains below 1,5% of the net turnover of the previous 12 months. This 1,5% concerns returns that are not caused by Geevers. If this percentage is exceeded or the annual turnover is <€10.000,- 20% administration costs of the invoiced price will be charged.
  • Non-stockholding parts with a net value of > €40,- can be requested and can be returned once approval has been granted by the Aftersales department. In that case, 20% of the invoiced price or the costs charged by the supplier will be charged.
  • Damage-sensitive parts like windows, lighting and mirror lenses must always be checked and signed by your company and the driver upon delivery. If you have overnight delivery, any damage must be reported the next working day before 10:00 am.
  • Stock and non-stock parts can be returned free of charge if the mistake is made by Geevers Auto Parts, provided they are returned within 14 days after delivery in the original, undamaged and unwritten packaging.

Damage and defects
A return can only be requested if the damage is reported though our website or via the Partsplan portal within 1 working day. In case of damage, clear photos of 1. The damaged part, 2. The original undamaged packaging and 3. The sticker with the OEM number/original brand must be sent. A defect on delivery must be reported to the Aftersales department immediately after delivery. In the case of overnight delivery, damage and defects must be reported the next working day before 10.00 AM.

Non-stockholding parts already on order can only be cancelled if approval has been granted by the supplier of Geevers Auto Parts, also when these parts have not been delivered yet or are in backorder. Once the cancellation has been approved, any costs incurred will be charged.


  • Electronic parts, interior parts, navigation systems, chassis number dependent parts and airbags can only be returned if the mistake was made by Geevers Auto Parts.
  • Any deposit fee from service exchanged parts will be charged and only credited if the exchanged parts are returned in their original packaging, grease-free and without oil residue within 14 days.
  • Parts for the following brands can only be returned if the mistake was made by Geevers Auto Parts: Chevrolet / Chrysler / Daihatsu / Dodge / Lancia / Ferrari / Bentley / Maserati / Rover / Saab / SMART / Ssangyong / Subaru

Geevers Auto Parts reserves the right to return or destroy returns which don’t meet the requirements mentioned above and not to issue a credit note.

Unless agreed otherwise in writing, these are Geevers Auto Parts return conditions.