That's why Geevers.

A product range to be proud of! We have a suitable solution for all types of car damage in the workshop, regardless of the brand, type of part or technical support you need.

Our product range has been carefully selected and includes more than 35 car brands as well as several quality lines. This way, we can offer a wide choice of parts to suit any budget or desired margin.

Many of our parts can be delivered from stock. Is the part you're looking for not available right now? No problem. We will order it from one of our affiliated suppliers. We have one goal: to supply all the parts you need to fully repair the damage.

Thinking constructively and ahead allows you to continue to do your job. Even as the complexity of parts increases, our technical support is always available.

Stock is everything!

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Muliple quality lines

OEM | Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM, are original car parts.

OES | Original Equipment Supplier, or OES, are original car parts delivered in the manufacturer's packaging.

MQline | These parts are used when the client gives permission to use Original Equivalent Parts. Geevers holds the European trademark right for MQline. Under the MQline quality line, original parts are supplied in branded packaging and the certified MQline items have been approved as Original Equivalent by independent testing bodies.

GREENLINE | High quality used original parts: a cost-effective and durable choice instead of brand new OEM parts.

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All-in-1 My Geevers

Your personal My Geevers dashboard provides and overview of all the information regarding your back orders, open orders, returns, invoices, damage calculations, and much more.

In addition, there is a wide selection of parts to choose from:

  • Search by license plate/chassis number
  • Search by OE/GAP number
  • Search by make/model.

It's all possible! We have ensured that, in addition to the delivery process, the ordering process is now fully digital.

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The future is here.

With Geevers Technical Solutions, we offer two types of technical support.

1. Remote diagnosis 
Complete care with our advanced diagnostic tool for reading, programming and coding vehicle electronics. The main advantage? You can stay in your workshop and get on with other jobs. Our specialists will take over the car remotely and notify you when it's your turn again.

2. Technical information subscription
Via a ticket system, you can request unlimited tickets and receive a specific answer to your question in no time. Whether it concerns tightening torques, cutting lines, repair manuals or other technical documentation, we offer everything in your language.

Sharing knowledge is the basis for success!

GT Motive Calculatie

Calculate with GT Motive

Together with GT Motive, we can now support you during the start of the damage repair process with our alternative calculation solution. Because GT Motive has all the software and data in-house from car manufacturers (OEM), an alternative to Audatex calculations can be offered.

This provides three advantages:

  1. Greater efficiency due to lower order error margins
  2. Simplicity and ease of use
  3. Affordable solution
    A calculation only costs €11.50
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