Support from the beginning of the repair process.

In collaboration with GT Motive, we can also provide you with optimum support at the beginning of the repair process. Because GT Motive has all the software and data from car manufacturers (OEM) in-house, we can offer an alternative to Audatex calculations. This tool is characterised by a lower error rate when identifying the correct part.

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  1. Car damage calculation
  2. Calculation service


Error-free, efficient, affordable

"We offer all types of calculations. By entering the registration number or any (EU) VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or chassis number, calculations are made directly using the birth (data) card of the car in question. Our data prevents errors in case of parts orders by bodyshops," GT Motive managing director Cees Klaassen says, continuing: "Our package has three advantages for Geevers. First, the orders are virtually error-free. There is much greater efficiency to be gained as a result. Secondly, GT Estimate excels in simplicity. Unlike other systems, after a short digital explanation, almost every user can use it straight away. And third, it is a very affordable solution that generates great savings because of the competitive rates we can apply."

Complexity and precision

Our Commercial Director, Peter Hessels, explains: "One of the challenges bodyshops face is rising costs. With GT Motive's calculation tool, we can offer a cost-effective solution for Audatex calculations. This mainly applies to the non-controlled damage flow. Moreover, this solution guarantees a more accurate identification of the required parts, reducing the chance of wrong deliveries. This saves frustration and, of course, promotes the turnaround time of the repair process. Also, there is a growing need for suppliers to provide services to facilitate the repair process. Geevers is increasingly the focal point in the repair process in addition to ensuring parts distribution."