Ontvangst bussen

Last week, the moment was finally there.

After a long wait, we were finally able to collect our new Geevers vans. Our fleet, which consisted of 51 vehicles, is now home to four more vans. And hopefully nine more vans will soon follow. Throughout 2023-2024, we expect to change 35 more Geevers vans! Continuing to invest in mobility is a necessity for Geevers. After all, we have to be able to reach all our clients throughout the Benelux.

Proud of our drivers

Did you know that a Geevers driver travels an average of 350 km per day? This means our vehicles drive an average of 79,000 km a year, which is quite a lot! Last year, we invested in a new software system that allows us to plan our routes as efficiently as possible. This is more than necessary given the currently high fuel prices. Better for the environment, our customers and, of course, for our drivers who can save time and kms.

Our team of drivers currently consists of 64 passionate people and this year, we will welcome four students for the summer months. Most of our drivers drive during the day but they often start before the sun comes up. At Geevers, our drivers load their vans themselves, allowing for an extra load check for that day's customers. In the morning, coffee is always ready at Geevers and our drivers can have a chat with the warehouse staff. An average trip takes our drivers to 15 addresses which often include their regular customers.

We wish our drivers many safe kilometres with their new vans!

As a driver at Geevers, I load my van myself before I visit my regular customers. This is great fun and it allows me to quickly have a bond with my regulars.

René - Driver
Chauffeur Geevers

Would you like to become a driver at Geevers?

Do you want to join our transport team?

At Geevers Auto Parts, we are always looking for passionate drivers. Do you like to be on the road, are you independent and accurate? Then check our vacancies and who knows, maybe you will soon be driving one of our Geevers vans through the Benelux.

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